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There is a lot more to building a successful web site than many people would have you believe. An effective web site is a bit like an iceberg - 90% of what makes it work is hidden below the surface. That is why it is so important to choose someone to build your web site with a good understanding of the underlying technology. Paul Dobie, principal web builder for paul dobie, has been designing and building successful web sites for small business since July 2000.

We build our web sites so that they

  1. are search engine friendly and can be found
  2. are viewable by the widest audience
  3. are optimised and are fast loading
  4. are easy to navigate and find information
  5. have clean, uncluttered design and look professional

Our goal is to provide you with the most appropriate web technology to achieve the best possible result for your business. If your requirements cannot be met in-house we will source and coordinate access to that expertise for you.

To see a range of web site design and web site development projects we have been involved in please take a look at our example sites. We encourage you to spend some time actually visiting so you can begin to appreciate what makes a successful and effective web site.

Our simple "iceberg principle" approach to web design has earned us the respect of our clients from all over Australia . To read what our clients think of our web site designs please read some of our client testimonials. For more information about out web design and web building services please contact us.

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