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If your web site is under performing and you are not getting enough visitors to your site you might consider our web site critique service.

We will give your web site a comprehensive health check at a below-cost flat fee of AUD$330. We promise you that we will spend what-ever time it takes to thoroughly examine your web site and provide you with a written report detailing the underlying technical issues that might causing your web site to under perform.

Web site may under perform for a variety of reasons - most of which have nothing to do with the actual appearance of the site. An ineffective web site may is often the result of poor visibility on popular search engines. Some of the issues that may be affecting your visibility on search engines include

  • inappropriate use of some web technologies
  • invalid HTML coding and bad scripting
  • poorly written or absent web content
  • absent page titles, key phrases and page descriptions
  • insufficient incoming quality links from sites complementing yours
  • employing deceptive practices in the site intended to dupe search engines

You will be pleased to know that there are steps you can take to actively promote your web site and get it working more effectively for your business. Our web site health check will include suggestions to you on what you can do to improve visitor numbers to your web site.

This written web site health check will be provided to you without further obligation. You may take it to your existing web designer or developer to have the issues addressed. And If your web designer doesn't understand the issues we would be pleased to make the changes for you.

So before you go through the pain and expense of a major re-design let us take a look at your web site and give you some good advice on how it might be optimised for search engine visibility. You will be so glad you did!

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