Yamaha XV1000H Motor Cycle

Imagine that its already the weekend...... You have just powered up the XV1000 and you idle out onto the road with heaps of power and torque available in an instant with a twist of your wrist. You calmly slip through the narrow spaces in the traffic that you wouldn't dare try on anything larger than a 250. Pretty soon you are on your favourite stretch of twisting road.

A tight corner is coming up fast. You roll off the throttle - going as deep as you can. You pick an apex, counter-steer hard and feel the bike lean over. You gently roll on the throttle and feel the acceleration as you push through the corner. There's more corner than you expected. You keep the throttle on, counter-steer a little more and then effortlessly straighten up and roar out of the corner with that sweet lugging powerful sound of a V-twin exhaust just behind you…...


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  • Year of first registration - 1981
  • 1000cc 4 Stroke 75 degree SOHC V Twin
  • Recently reconditioned engine and gearbox (only done 6,000 kilometres)
  • Stainless steel "STAINTUNE" exhaust system
  • Twin 270mm front disk brakes
  • Rear 220mm drum disk brake
  • 5 Speed transmission
  • Full enclosed chain in excellent condition - ideal for touring (expected chain life around 50,000Km
  • Good battery
  • Good tyres - Bridgestone 100/90H19 front and 120/70H18 - can be fitted out to 110/90H19 and 140/70H18
  • 40mm Hitachi Constant Vacuum carburettors
  • Wet weight 240kg
  • Adjustable mono-shock rear suspension air/nitrogen
  • Adjustable air assisted coil spring front forks
  • Fuel Consumption around 16km/litre (45 miles per gallon)

BEST POINTS (Courtesy Two Wheels Magazine)

"Bike provides grunty V-twin power and engine braking which is exceptionally easy to live with. It's light, manoeuvrable and does everything expected of a top class road bike. Compliant suspension and brilliant cornering clearance combine to promote excellent handling with a high degree of comfort and forgiveness. Headlight is brilliant."

WORST POINTS (Courtesy Two Wheels Magazine)

"Complaints are confined to minor items which would not be troublesome to most riders. Top end power could be better and mirrors are fairly ineffective for a rider of average height."



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